Welcome to Vysočina Region!

Vysočina is a beautiful region with unspoiled countryside where you can find unique filming locations and charming rural landscapes with fairy-tale castles and chateaux. Vysočina is remarkable for its breathtaking panoramic views of rolling hills, colourful valleys, romantic sceneries, dark forests, and lovely rural villages.

Almost every crest of the Vysočina hills offers possibilities of unique camera shots and incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Few regions are as photogenic as Vysočina, offering plenty of opportunities for panoramic and multi-layered shots.
We value highly the positive contribution that the filmmaking industry brings to our region and are pleased, therefore, to support filmmaking activities in our region. We are the ideal first stop for filmmakers interested in shooting in Vysočina.
The primary purpose of the Vysočina Film Office is to respond to requests and inquiries from filmmakers and to promote Vysočina as a film-friendly location. We help coordinate communication between filmmakers and regional partners and governmental authorities. The ultimate aim of our activities is to improve conditions for filmmaking within the Vysočina Region.

The Vysočina Film Office offers the following services to filmmakers:

  • information about and recommendations for interesting film locations within the Vysočina Region, including support when arranging scouting excursions
  • contacts with local business partners from the public or private sectors
  • help and support in communication with local authorities, with property caretakers and property owners
  • assistance with selection and booking of suitable accommodation and transport services 
  • consultations regarding various possibilities and options for filmmaking within the Vysočina Region
  • information about businesses and institutions offering additional services
  • contacts with authorities in charge of filmmaking licenses and permits
  • support for films/projects via the promotion of the filming locations   Jan Hus, Pavla Černá

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Vysočina Region - a paradise for filmmakers!