Who We Are

The Vysočina Film Office is part of the regional Vysočina Tourism association.

Our aim is to promote Vysočina as an attractive filming location. We are an important information and contact office for audio-visual and film productions; television productions; documentary, advertising and commercial projects; music video productions; and other projects.

The purpose of existence of Vysočina Film Office is to promote Vysočina as a film-friendly region. We welcome audio-visual and filmmaking activities in our region as beneficial, and subsequently we strive to maximize the positive impact of the filmmaking industry.

The Vysočina Film Office operations are supported by the Czech Film Fund. It is a non-profit organisation and provides its services entirely free of charge.

It works in cooperation with the national Czech Film Commission.

We would be delighted to hear your suggestions or to discuss possible co-operation. Please feel free to contact us.


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We help the filmmakers

We are the first stop for filmmakers interested in shooting in the Vysočina region, responding to requests and inquiries from filmmakers regarding opportunities and conditions for filmmaking, and assisting with communication between filmmakers and regional partners and governmental authorities. The ultimate aim of our activities is to improve conditions for filmmaking within the Vysočina Region.
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Vysočina Region - a paradise for filmmakers!