Satisfaction 1720 / Tordenskjold & Kold

Drama / Comedy (Denmark, released 2016)

In 1720, the peace treaties were signed and the war ended. The vice-admiral Tordenskjold, though still young, had no idea how to spend the rest of his life. His servant Kold arranges a journey to England for him. The mission turns into a jolly and grotesque trip from Copenhagen to northern Germany. The films tries to cover the last few weeks of life of the Norwegian national hero, and depicts the vice-admiral Tordenskjold as a less and less common type of hero character.

Film director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Actors: Jakob Oftebro, David Dencik, Kenneth M. Christensen, Jonas Hoff Oftebro, Natalie Madueño, Björn Kjellman, Yolette Thomas, Martin Greis, Katrin Weisser, Julie Agnete Vang Christensen, Andreas Jessen, Marie Hammer Boda, Marina Bouras

Locations: Telc

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