Drama / Fantasy (2011), Russia

The story takes place at Advent time. The main characters are again the favourite duo: Angel Petronel and the Devil Uriah. During one of their fights, the precious apple from the tree of knowledge falls down to the Earth. Petronel and Uriah face a lot of struggles and adventures during which they discover what the real value of life is (and not only for people) - love, friendship, and the ability to help someone else in need. The second sequel of the successful Czech fairy-tale was filmed at Ledeč nad Sázavou Castle, starring Ivan Trojan and Jiří Dvořak.

Film director: Alexander Sokurov

Actors: Johannes Zeiler, Hanna Schygulla, Anton Adasinsky, Antoine Monot Jr., Isolda Dychauk, Georg Friedrich, Andreas Schmidt, Jurij Arabov, Maxim Mehmet, Ondřej Novák, Oliver Bootz

Locations: Castle Ledeč nad Sázavou

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